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There’s no cure for Alzheimer’s. Daily consumption of some good purple foods helps delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and can slow its progression. This is especially so if it is in conjunction with a scrumptious balanced diet, and a rich social environment to exercise the mind.

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A fascinating in depth profile of Boomer Ann Masters who shares her life story of family, teaching and unique travel experiences. Ann has lived and worked in places as diverse as Iran and Singapore. She has also experienced exotic destinations such as China in the mid seventies, well before it was opened up to the rest of the world.

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Why the Shopping Trolley? You’ll notice headline banner depicts the story of human evolution through to modern man “hunting” with his shopping trolley. To get to where we are now we have overcome the Neanderthals, Sabre Tooth tigers, Ice Ages and ourselves. Today we face a new threat and it has a lot to…