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Everything for Boomers . . . .and more

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Full membership is only $5.75 a month and includes everything below. This is exceptional value. Click HERE to join the club.

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Provides members with discounts from hundreds trusted leading brand retailers located throughout Australia covering thousands of products and services. Visit the Savings section ........

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Confusion reigns on nutrition, exercise, disease prevention and more; who can you believe? Boomers health focuses providing articles and programs to slow the natural ageing process, and increase the odds for Boomers to remain vital, thrive, and enjoy life for longer. All content is based on scientific evidence, independent, and free from vested interest influence. Visit the Health section .....

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There are numerous online accommodation booking services that the public can use to get pricing on holiday and resort accommodation. The deals provided to members via our travel partner are incredibly good and rarely if ever beaten. Best of all if you don't trust doing it all online yourself members need only call the 1300 number for help and advice. Visit the Travel section.......

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Meet new people, be entertained, have some fun, engaging conversation, and singles can arrange to meet in safe environment. Visit the Social section ...... 

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Boomer Golf nuts can expand their golf horizons. Whether you belong to a club or not, Boomers Golf provides "two play for the price of one" at hundreds of Australian Golf courses, including many exclusive private clubs. Visit the Golf section.......

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