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Six great reasons to join our Boomer Community

Boomers Savings
Profit from your membership through the clubs discount partners, save on groceries, tickets, accommodation ..... and much much more.

For details click here

Boomers Health
Slow ageing, unique approach to diets, food ratings, Boomers Hall of Shame, Supplement info and much much more .......

We don't sell product or receive kickbacks, science sourced information, articles and programs; for more info click here.

Boomers Social
Get out and about, have more fun, available to the public and members. Live music, dances, events, activities and much much more ......

Boomers Social is managed through our "MeetUp" clubs click here here for info and to join the Boomers social set.

Boomers Travel
Unbelievably priced travel deals with a focus on the Asian Pacific region. The're only available to closed groups, Boomers club is lucky to be one of them!

We can't publish the deals to non-members but you can find out more here!

Membership Fees
$5:75/month for singles and $6:75/month for couples. No contracts, no cancellation fees. Annual fee rates also available.

Super Duper Boomer value, click here to join what do you have to lose.

Boomers Golf
Golf is a popular Boomer pastime. Boomers can play hundreds of great Australian Golf Courses (including private clubs) two play for the price of one!!!!

For details click here

Check out our money back guarantee and join  HERE

Articles of Interest and Fun Stuff for Boomers - we're adding Stuff all the time ....

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What our members have to say

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