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Classy Christmas Party

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Great Company

You will find our Boomers "Chicks" and "Fellas" are a welcoming and friendly lot, so make sure your vocal chords are in good working order.  No matter how many or few you know when you arrive you can rest assured you will know more by the time the party is over.  You never know who you might meet.

Boomers events are arranged to be enjoyable, fun, relaxed and hopefully memorable for all the right reasons. So be spontaneous, bite the bullet, and as the saying went a few years ago (or was that decades) "be there or be square"


Fabulous Players

By popular demand and because they are just brilliant "Field See & Mason" will be playing privately for us!

They play unique renditions of songs we Boomers know and love, some may bring back memories and leave a lump in your throat, or put a smile on your face.

Others you just can't help moving moving to. Meals will be served between brackets so we all have time to talk and enjoy the food. When the lads are playing feel free to leave your seats, get up close, get involved and enjoy.


Fine Dinning

Bomb Alaska and Pea and Ham soup are not on the menu.  We Boomers can remember a time when this was often the standard fare at weddings and functions, thankfully times have changed for the better.

We will enjoy modern fine dining including canapes, a choice of main courses and desserts presented with a Christmas theme, produced by the excellent chefs at the venue.

The message, skip lunch!  VIEW MENU




Selected for its quality food, well priced wine selection, and its' relaxing and welcoming environment; it's The Slate Restaurant and Bar.





Saturday the 3rd of December Canapes will be served at 7 pm and the party will be winding up around 11 pm.




Bookings are essential, it's not a "come one come all" event, it is your chance to enjoy our Classy Party, please dress accordingly.

Invite your friends and make it an even better evening. If you have any questions or meal requirements call Cameron on 0417 581 950 (if you don't, call him anyway he is a nice bloke)


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