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Colour Matters When It Comes to Alzheimer's Disease.



Alzheimer's and Dementia are diseases close to me. Mum is not the Mum I knew most of my life. My wife and I spent years caring for her Mum before she passed. Her long term GP wrote "cause of death - dementia" on the last document relating to her life. It's difficult to care for those you love when they change into people who are so different from what you've always known; Alzheimer's and Dementia are terrible diseases.

Of the age related chronic diseases Alzheimer's and Dementia stand out relative to the others. More material is published offering advice for carers, than is published about Alzheimer's or how to cure it.  We can take steps to prevent Alzheimer's. I became aware of one such step when watching a documentary about the traditional Okinawan population.


Okinawa is the southern most large island of Japan.  Okinawan's following their traditional lifestyle have an exceptional life expectancy; this is well known.  It is also well known that as we age, our brain shrinks. It is also a fact that as we live longer the risk of Alzheimer's increases.  Traditional Okinawan's, (while living to very old ages) have virtually no incidence of Alzheimer's disease. According to the documentary, this was helped by the fact that their staple food was a purple sweet potato. The purple colour was a chemical called Anthocyanin, and this chemical prevented, or slowed the onset of Alzheimer's.  Never having heard the word before I went to Wikipedia to get the spelling right, there it was Anthocyanin, a flavonoid that causes the purple and blue colours in plants.


I searched the NIH Pubmed database for "Anthocyanin & Alzheimer's" and found numerous articles on the subject, most dealing with experimentation on genetically modified mice designed to express Alzheimer like brain abnormalities. These experiments demonstrated that supplementation with Anthocyanin did indeed slow the progress of the disease, and also partially reversed established disease; WOW!

Next step was to go back to archived NIH daily Alzheimer tweets where I found articles published by the RUSH UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER  about the MIND diet, I do not suggest that this is the most healthy diet. The MIND diet excludes fruit (I agree with eating fruit sparingly) with the exception of coloured berries.  It went on to say "Blueberries are one of the more potent foods in terms of protecting the brain".


Any change in what we consume via food medicine or supplements to improve our wellbeing must first pass the "do no harm test". When treating established disease with medicine, the benefits must outweigh any harmful side effects.  One of the issues with mouse model medical experiments is that measurements are taken to test effectiveness, but it is more difficult to measure any unintended consequences. Every tissue in the mice specimen would have to be tested for long term adverse effects. This is an issue with all medical research, sometimes the adverse effects are only discovered decades after the public has been exposed to a chemical concoction we call food, supplements or medicine.

In this case the food has been tested on humans who have eaten it every day for centuries; the Okinawan's.  That's good enough for me and now I make an effort to eat some purple food everyday.


In many cases the purple is only skin deep (eat the skin of most foods if you can). For the best results we want food where the purple runs through the food; not just the skin.  Purple running through the food occurs mostly in fruit (eg red plums), berries (eg Blue Berries) and vegetables (purple carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage etc). Blueberries are mentioned above as brain super food, but they also contain as much sugar as regular Coca Cola, and 50% of that sugar is the bad sugar Fructose (as is the case with regular Coke). So our recommendation is to choose purple vegetables as the best source of purple, after all that's what the Okinawan's eat.

The Okinawan's eat a really purple spud relative to the white or red we normally consume. The purple potato tastes like, and has the texture of, white potato; they just look different.  The purple spud's skin is a bit thicker and more chewy, I like it more.

How much purple potato did the Okinawan's eat?  The below shows what Okinawans  ate in 1949 (ie the traditional Okinawan diet)


Reference: Calorie Restriction, The Traditional Okinawan Diet, and Healthy Ageing

The traditional Okinawan diet was 67% purple sweet potato.  As far as veggies go there are purple, white, and brown onions. There are purple or orange carrots. White or Purple Cauliflower, Purple or Green Cabbage. Remember to choose some purple every day.


Ok, below is a slap dash meal I prepared for myself recently.  Baked veggies, carrots (orange), purple potato, red onions, and some purple cauliflower.  Boiled peas, sliced snow peas, and broccoli. Plus some stir fried Hoisin basted chicken pieces (purchased some shashliks and removed the sticks). Threw it on the plate, sprinkled sea salt, a drizzle of olive oil, and a squeeze of lemon; Yum!

This meal was easy to cook. Bake some extra baked veggies, cover with cling rap and put them in the fridge. They keep well, and can be microwaved days later when needed.  To cook the rest of the meal up only takes a few minutes. It's healthy fast food!


Purple spuds and cauliflower are freely available, carrots are apparently a little harder to come by.  So your Green Grocer can buy them, but most don't.  The only reason the purple variety is not in store is because the public doesn't buy them. Funny that; the reason we don't buy them is not taste, it's just that it is hard to change habits.  See the Boomers Health "Rewire Your Brain" article to change habits. To make the future what we want it to be, we need to rewire our brains, before we begin to suffer the symptoms of dementia, because then it will be too late.

If you have some purple cooking ideas (or issues) you would like to share with us, email them to

Cheers Glenn.

Why the Shopping Trolley?

You'll notice headline banner depicts the story of human evolution through to modern man "hunting" with his shopping trolley. To get to where we are now we have overcome the Neanderthals, Sabre Tooth tigers, Ice Ages and ourselves. Today we face a new threat and it has a lot to do with the shopping trolley.

Introduced in 1937 by Sylvan Goldman to his small Humpty Dumpty supermarket chain in Oaklahoma, the shopping trolley signifies an important turning point in human history and evolution. About 20 years prior to this cheap sugar was available to masses, and about 20 years after most Aussie families owned a car and had a refrigerator.  



This along with current modern transport and refrigeration means that for the first time in human history virtually any food we want is available 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year, and can be as little as a few steps away.

Why is this a problem?

Just ask the monkey on the left. Like most animals humans evolved to eat plenty in times of plenty, in order to survive times of hardship; but now there are NEVER times of hardship, while at the same time we are tempted with food and drinks that taste really good resulting in over consumption by over half the population.

This monkey had free access to food, it could eat as much as it wanted whenever it wanted. Effectively it lived in our modern "shopping trolley" environment. It is 29 years old and certainly showing its age.

This Monkey is 27 years old and while being provided the same food, the daily amount was restricted to that required to maintain a healthy weight, resulting in a healthy old monkey.


The brain on the left is from a monkey that lived the "shopping trolley" environment and lifestyle. About 40% of the brain has disappeared!  I really hope that the most important thing in this monkeys whole life was the enjoyment of food; because it has paid an extremely high price for that pleasure.


The Bottom Line

A press release on the two monkeys trial had this to say.

We observed that caloric restriction reduced the risk of developing an age-related disease by a factor of three and increased survival" and

"During the 20-year course of the study, half of the animals permitted to eat freely have survived, while 80 percent of the monkeys given the same diet, but with 30 percent fewer calories, are still alive."

See more at: the full scientific paper on the experiment can be read HERE

Your Club's research has concluded that the items over which we have control and can extend vital life, are in order, how much we put in our mouths, what we put in our mouths, when we put it in our mouths, stress management and social engagement. Your Club is now finalising three diet programs, weight loss, healthy weight maintenance, and a 30 day cholesterol fix.  You will find them completely different to nearly all those currently promoted and we shall let you know when enrollments will begin.


Why the complete five Skulls?


Green Tea Extract

Five Skulls is only attributed to a product if it associated with harm that may cause death.  Green Tea extracts have been linked to liver and kidney damage in some cases.  While rare sometimes damage is so severe that liver transplants are required, and worse, in rare cases the patient dies.  This can occur within weeks of consuming the Green Tea extracts.  It appears it only occurs to a rare few people; but the only way to know if we are one of these people is to consume the product.  Do we really want to do that?



Promoted as a weight loss product by altering fat metabolism.  It’s true it does alter the way fat is metabolised, but prospective clinical trials show that any weight loss that may occur is insignificant.  



One month's supply at the recommended dosage will set you back $78.50 that’s around $942 a year.  Boomers Club members could spend a week in Bali for that price.  

Hall of Shame

Welcome to the clubs new Boomers Hall of Shame.  This is where Boomers Club will rate bad food, based on how misleading we feel its branding is, its pricing, health claims and so on.  Boomers Club members will also have access to the coming Boomers Club Hall of Fame.

So here is the first product to be admitted to the Boomers Health Hall of Shame

slim and try 1

slim trim 3

slim trim milk comp

Essential's Slim & Trim   

Skull Dark Skull Dark Skull Dark Skull Dark Skull Grey 

The product is called "Slim & Trim" in our opinion this indicates to dieters that this is a weight loss product and it also carries a five star "Canstar Blue" most satisfied customers weight loss shakes 2013 logo (so what, who pays for the logo).  To lose weight one has to consume less energy than one expends.  The full cream whole milk displayed above contains 265 Kj of energy per 100 mls, Slim & Trim contains 360 Kj. Hence Slim & Trim is 36% more fattening than milk.  

The product states that it is "Vanilla Flavoured", there is no reference to Vanilla in the ingredients list, but the product does contain 9.6% sugar. Traditional Coca-Cola has only slightly more at 10.8% sugar, (we don't come down hard on Coke because they do provide a sugar free product "Coke Zero").  Slim & Trim has two sugars, glucose and fructose.  It is now widely accepted that Fructose is a Chronic Toxin and is associated with heart disease and cell damage that can accelerate biological ageing.  Fructose does not sensitise satiety (hunger) hormones and insulin; it works against eating less.  The milk contains only 4.9% sugar and none is FRUCTOSE.

Each serve contains 864 Kj, even when dieting it is likely dieters could still be taking on 5000 to 6000 Kj per day. But most of the vitamins and minerals added to Slim & Trim supply 33% of recommended dietary intake or 33% of the "Estimated Safe and Adequate Daily Dietary Intake".  Whatever this means consuming three serves provides 100% of the daily requirement and continuously consuming more may not be safe.  Three serves provides 2592 Kj that's a starvation diet.

To its credit it is stated that the product is not to be used as a total diet; but it does not state anywhere on the packaging how many serves one should take a day, or how many meals should be replaced. In our opinion this product rates highly on the Bulltish scale and is worthy of 4 skulls out of five.

 Skull Dark Skull Dark Skull Dark Skull Dark Skull Grey 

We our proud to have such a  very worthy contender as the first product to be admitted to the Boomers Health Hall of Shame.



Breakfast Beer

This is a tale of two molecules, Ethanol and Fructose.  Both are absorbed into our bloodstream when consumed.

Ethanol is the scientific name of common alcohol found in beer wine and spirits. It can only be metabolised by our brain and liver cells, as we know it can make us happy and laugh or angry and fight.  It can also cause us to fall down and crash cars.  

Our liver clears the alcohol from our system, it converts the alcohol into fat and produces nasty byproducts in the process, like Uric Acid (gout and inflammation) and Malondialdehyde (a really nasty cell damaging molecule).

Fructose is similar to Ethanol except that it can only be metabolised by the liver so we can’t get pie eyed eating it. The liver deals with Fructose nearly exactly the same way as alcohol, that is it converts it into fat producing the the same nasty cell damaging by products. The only significant difference is that it can’t cause us to crash our car.

What foods contain Fructose?

Any food that contains sugar contains Fructose.  The chemical name for sugar is Sucrose.  Sucrose is called a disaccharide because it is made up of two sugar molecules, one Glucose and the other Fructose.  Sugar is rapidly cleaved in our intestines into the two separate molecules of Glucose and Fructose.  Essentially Sugar is effectively 50% alcohol.

So if we eat 50 gms of the cereal shown (which is 31.5% sugar) we would have eaten about 7.9 grams of alcohol equivalent, add to that a cup (250ml) of unsweetened fruit juice (usually about 11% sugar) then the total “alcohol equivalent” consumed for breakfast would be around 21 grams. Full strength beer is about 4.7% alcohol, so the breakfast we have just eaten is roughly equivalent to drinking 470 ml of beer. That’s equal to about 1 ¼ standard cans of beer. Is this a good breakfast!

If we consistently drink TOO much alcohol this happens.

Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, progresses to steatosis, then to Cirrhosis, and finally cancer.

If we consistently consume TOO much sugar this is what happens

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, progresses to steatosis, then to Cirrhosis and finally cancer.

Please note the above does not mean we should never eat sugar or drink beer, it's all about balance and moderation, both can be enjoyed if we don't over do it and understand how much to eat and drink.

If you want to learn more about the science behind this article you can watch this video produced by the University of California HERE

Help Us Ban "Foods" Like These!

These foods are nothing more than a "drug" delivery system unleashed on the public without appropriate health warnings. British doctors are advised NEVER to recommend the consumption of products like these for the prevention of heart attack or stroke. Australian doctors are advised to do the opposite!

Petition Comp Final (1)

Boomers Health has reviewed the research and the results are scary indeed.  We passionately believe they should be withdrawn from public sale and be available only on prescription, as is the case with any other drug that could cause long term damage.

An electronic petition that meets Australian Senate presentation requirements has been arranged. Read the research evidence and sign the petition at

Cheers Glenn

PS. You can help us by forwarding this email to your friends/contacts and clicking the social sharing buttons below.


John's Dicky Knee

I spoke to an acquaintance of mine who had just returned from a golfing holiday in Thailand and asked him how his golf went. “No good” he said. “I only played six holes on the first day and my knee was playing up so much I couldn’t play golf for the rest of the trip”.

What’s the problem I asked; and he replied “I think it's an old sporting injury it's not a big problem but this time it was really bad; I’ve been to see the Doc and he tells me it is a Uric Acid problem and I have to get some medicine for it.” I told John that Uric Acid causes gout, so he had better get off the booze; but it turned he didn’t drink. So I suggested he get off the sugar, because sugar metabolism, like alcohol, can also produce Uric Acid. He responded that he didn’t eat much sugar, and upon questioning it sure sounded like he didn’t each much sugar. So I sat in the chair thinking to myself, (Ok, John cuts my hair, and eyebrows, and trims my ears, when it starts falling out of our heads it starts growing everywhere else we don’t want it to). So where else could the Uric Acid be coming from? The most common natural food source of sugar is fruit, and sugar produces Uric Acid. “Do you eat much fruit?” I asked John. He replied “I love my fruit, I eat two bananas and three Wilson pears a day”. I suggested he quit fruit for a week and see what happens; my next hair cut (eyebrow and ear trim) was free, because his knee problems were fixed in a few days.

John tells me he still loves and eats his pears and bananas, but he doesn’t eat as much as he used to and rarely has a problem; but sometimes he still does and in his words “then I remember what you said” he quits for a couple of days and gets back to eating less fruit and the knee problems go away.
John’s Dicky Knee is really special, and it has dawned on me how lucky he is to have it. Most of us can consume as much sugar as we like without pain or symptoms; the first we might find out about it is when the Doc tells us we have Diabetes or Cardiovascular Disease; worse still our first warning may even be a heart attack.

Now I think how lucky John is to have his “Dicky Knee”, it tells him when he is overeating sugar, and pain is a really good incentive to cut back.

Australia would be healthier nation if everyone had John’s Lucky Dicky Knee!

Cheers Glenn.


Bacon has been in the press of late, with headlines like "each 50gms of bacon consumed each day increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%.


Well not this brand of bacon!  It is unprocessed raw bacon (not cured) just make sure it is cooked through!