The Failed Holy Grail

A promising molecule called a CETP inhibitor was discovered about 20 years ago. It had the potential to both raise good cholesterol while at the same time reduce bad cholesterol. Conventional cholesterol lowering medication (drugs called statins) only reduce bad cholesterol and then not by … Read more

The Colour Purple

  Colour Matters When It Comes to Alzheimer’s Disease.     Alzheimer’s and Dementia are diseases close to me. Mum is not the Mum I knew most of my life. My wife and I spent years caring for her Mum before she passed. Her long term … Read more

Help Us Get “Foods” Like These Banned!

Help Us Ban “Foods” Like These! These foods are nothing more than a “drug” delivery system unleashed on the public without appropriate health warnings. British doctors are advised NEVER to recommend the consumption of products like these for the prevention of heart attack or stroke. Australian … Read more

Meet Ups

[spacer height=”30px”] Boomers Melbourne Meetups Why not get out and about with your friends or meet new ones on one of our great Boomers Club Social Events. Good times are best shared, whether with old friends or meeting new ones. [spacer height=”10px”] Join our Melbourne … Read more