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Hey a laugh is good therapy, this video clip is a little bit naughty, it has been viewed millions of times and even if you have seen it before its still worth a watch. Trouble is though, one of our members thought it was relevant to boomers, what do you think?

Dont look good naked

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Thanks to my old mate Tommo

Cheers Glenn

This poor old bloke sure knows how to screw up a breath test!

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Great Dance Routine: James Cagney and Bob Hope

Bob Hope was 52 and James Cagney 56 when this film was made. Not bad for a couple for a couple of old fellas. I suspect most blokes in their fifties would struggle to exert themselves like this without puffing and panting!

And by the way we now know that it was Bob Hope and not Michael Jackson that invented the moonwalk.

Bob Hawke jokes at America’s Cup lunch

Bob Hawke was renowned for his joke telling. This one is probably a bit politically incorrect for a sitting Prime Minister to get away with these days.