A hole in one is nowhere near as much fun if playing alone.  There is no one to high five or shake your hand.  Good times are best shared!

There  is though a lot more to social engagement than meets the eye, and this can be especially so for over 50's.

At some time after 50 it is common for our social networks to shrink.  Our kids leave home and face to face engagement with them lessens, we retire and lose 40 hrs a week of face to face social interaction with workmates, suppliers and customers.  And in some cases we might lose a life partner way sooner than expected.

Sure there is the phone and Facebook; but it is not the same as face to face engagement and conversation; and without a purpose in life it can even be harder to get up in the morning.


According to modern research face to face social engagement, especially group conversation, is the best exercise for the most important of our muscles; the brain.  As the old saying goes, if you don't use it you lose it.  Doing a crossword or Sudoku each day will just  make us better at the puzzle and does little to keep our brains in good working order.


The club will provide a variety of events and occasions , with members help and input we should be able to provide a variety to satisfy most interests and price brackets including FREE.

Singles - Singles looking for a life partner or just a close friend have special needs, where do we go to meet someone safely?  We intend to construct singles introduction software for members.  It will be different to traditional online dating sites, because you will be able to talk on your smart phone to possible dates without giving up your phone number or any other private details.  Then if you want to go further you can arrange to meet at Boomers Club event, then even if it doesn't work out you should still have a good time.

Travel Mates - Travel accommodation is usually based on "twin share" rooms or cabins.  This doubles the cost of travel for singles.  That's why we will deliver a travel mates program to make it possible for members to find someone to share a room/cabin, either on a boomers group holiday, or for your own individual travel arrangements.


We are just starting off and none of the above can be achieved without a substantial membership base.  So the first way you can help is to join the club, even if you are under 50 or don't feel you will benefit from Boomers social solutions your membership will help us help others.

Another way you can help is by taking an active interest in aiding the club to provide social activities for over fifties in your area.  It would be great if you could help the club help others.

Just enter your details on our "contact us" form and comment "I would like to help" and we will be in touch.


The Founders

We're Boomers and we are not done yet!

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