About Boomers Savings

Boomers Club Memberships start at less than 20 cents a day, and they are used fund Boomer Members Services including our health research and the development of social solutions for boomers.
While membership fees are very reasonable we wanted to make them better than FREE.  Boomers Savings allows members to recoup their membership fees many times over, in fact couples can save around $1600 per year and families as much as $2,500.

Super Discounts


Members obtain discounts from hundreds outlets selling tens of thousands  of trusted brand name Savings apply to groceries, fuel and electronic goods, all the way through to clothing beauty products and entertainment.

How does it work?

Physical Gift Cards - For purchases from "bricks and mortar" retailers members purchase gift cards for themselves at a discount to face value.  Gift cards are as good as cash at the outlet they are accepted, its like buying a dollar for 95 cents, who wouldn't do that!

E-Gift Cards - Same as above, but delivered over the net to your phone, or computer for printing; a better deal since no mailing costs are incurred.

Voucher Codes - For on-line purchases and other purchases; the voucher code entitles members to a discount from the provider.

Important Notice

It may take up to three weeks to setup your new "Boomers Savings" account with our partners. You
will receive an email as soon as it has been completed.

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