About our great club

The Boomers Club is for people who believe the best is still to come: travel, food, social events and activities. We want to help each other, provide satisfaction and foster gratitude by making every day better than the last. 
The Boomers Life section is centred on the actions boomers can take to slow our natural ageing process and also advocates for healthier Australian food!
The Administration of the club and benefit delivery is funded by very reasonable membership fees and to more than offset these fees members have access to Boomers Savings which offers incredible discounts on everyday item purchases as well as Boomers Travel deals which are often hard to believe.
Becoming a fellow member gives you full access to the club's wide ranging benefits, plus our fortnightly newsletter. 
We're interested in Boomers doing things to help themselves and others.
If you're are boomer and you're not done yet, join the club here.