Boomers Review The Herberts at Carnegie Hall

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16th April 2016

Hello to all,
We crossed the portals of the Club not knowing what to expect and walked out absolutely glowing. The club was rocking, the band had bought their ‘A’ game and the warm, friendly welcome received by two complete strangers does the Boomers Club members proud and speaks volumes regarding their generosity of spirit. In short – we will most definitely be back and thanks for a great first night. Denis

Great music and company . Thanks for organising Cameron. Suzanne

Great night thanks for organising Cameron. Mark

Had a great night, thanks to Cameron for arranging. 75th MGF

Another great night, fun band. Thanks Cameron! Tom

Thanks again Cameron! Robyn

Thanks Cameron and look forward to next meetup. Maree

loved it! Linda


Hey, check out everything the club has to offer.


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