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Bali Holiday

Boomers Club Bali Holiday Tour What’s Included? Return Airfares From Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Six Nights spread across three fabulous resorts. Designed to experience the shopping, beaches and jungle hinterland. Experience four top-shelf Bali restaurant evening … Read more

Intelligent Conversations Book Study

Troubled friendships hurt. Most of us base our feelings of self worth, at least in part, on our friendships with other people. It’s no fun to argue or fight with someone you care about. Even … Read more

I Will Never Eat This!

I will never eat this. Decreasing the risk of heart attack and stroke is unlikely. It could even increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, contribute to heart valve stenosis, damage the microvascular, cause greater ischemic stroke damage and more. If your GP recommends you eat it ask him/her to read the article and the listed research and see what they have to say then.